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Wed Oct 6 00:58:21 EEST 2010
miau 0.6.6 finally released.
Tue Oct 23 23:22:39 EEST 2007
miau 0.6.5 released.
Tue Apr 10 23:42:39 EEST 2007
miau 0.6.4 released.
Thu Jul 27 01:18:41 EEST 2006
miau 0.6.2 released. Some fixes and some improvement with quicklog.
Sat May 13 21:17:17 EEST 2006
miau 0.6.1 released. Tons of fixes.
Sat Dec 31 16:30:12 EET 2005
miau released. Fixes qlogtimestamps and mis-behaving configure-script.
Tue Dec 27 17:44:16 EET 2005
miau released. Fixes just one thing: I forgot irc.c to be compiled in debug-mode by default.
Fri Dec 23 02:18:36 EET 2005
miau 0.6.0 finally released. See the ChangeLog and go get the sources!
Sun Nov 13 16:36:46 EET 2005
Time to be heard! Want to make a difference? Please spend a few minutes filling up this little questionnaire.
Thu Nov 10 19:21:04 EET 2005
New version is almost out. Release 0.5.5 will emphasize on improving security of miau and fixing other bugs. Some complication issues will also be fixed. There will be a couple of new, requested features, too. Stay tuned.
Fri May 20 22:36:50 EEST 2005
New version released. Finally. See ChangeLog for details or go directly to download page.
Wed Feb 9 01:26:57 EET 2005
I have planned to write miau from scratch for a long time. About nine months ago, when I finally got a decent job, I realized such thing would take a lot of time and effort. Just recently, when I was told about possible exploit miau I decided to stop developing the old codebase and put my effort on rewriting the thing. Since I branched miau from muh a few years ago, I've pached, fixed, improved, and above all, written kludges -- done bad decisions in general. Having a fresh start should allow implementing the stuff cleanly, safely, and effectively. Not to mention this should make implementing all those planned, fancy features a lot easier.
    I have been using miau 0.5.4 for several months now and although it doesn't contain too many changes or fixes, I will be releasing it when I have the time. Sorry folks, no character set transcoding before the new source tree...
Wed Feb 9 01:07:36 EET 2005
Restructured the website.
Sun Jan 23 12:54:37 EET 2005
On January 22th, 2005, miau was reported to have a remote exploit (input validation error?), apparently allowing attacker to execute abritary code with the privileges of the user running miau. Users are encouraged not to allow incoming connections from the internet but to use ssh to tunnel connections from outside and to create a dedicated user for running miau. These precautions takes, running miau should be reasonably safe, though.
    I have taken some effort looking the source for potential security flaws but found nothing so far. While the reported incident was not exacly proved to be because of miau, my word shouldn't be taken as absolute truth either. Help regarding security is greatly appreciated.
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Wed Sep 29 15:17:13 EEST 2004
Even though new versions have not been released lately, the project is not dead. The problem is that current source tree isn't very improvement-friendly. This makes implementing new features kind of tricky. In order to make any improvement here, I need to rewrite and restructure lots of stuff. I've been thinking of rewriting the whole thing from scratch, but as I'm studying and going to work at the same time, I have very little time for that. Just try to hang on there. Thanks to all who have sent me suggestions and/or bug reports - miau needs people like you. :-)
Wed Sep 29 15:17:13 EEST 2004
First entry here, ever! Lets see if I can write any updates here later on.